Why I Don’t Like Graphic Novels

// January 14th, 2012 // Blogging

In reading class we were studying The Count of Monte Cristo, a work of Alexandre Dumas. My teacher thought it would be more interesting to read the book in a graphic format.  When I heard this, I was a little depressed because I don’t like books in graphics so much. I wrote this to tell you why I don’t like books in graphics.

The first thing I should tell you is that I don’t like the format of graphic books. The reason is because all the squares are too confusing to read. Why can’t it be like a regular book where they have everything they want to say organized on one page! Also, I find that the font is a little bit hard to read.

Another reason is that it doesn’t let you imagine what is happening in that scene. In every square it shows a picture, so you don’t get to IMAGINE!

Actually, I DID like the Count of Monte Cristo, but I wish that we didn’t have to read it in a graphic format. So, maybe this book isn’t as bad as all the other graphic novels I read. I hope to read the regular Count of Monte Cristo.

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  1. Sherri fromowitz says:

    Harrison, I enjoyed your comments about graphic novels! I agree with much of what you said. My bone to pick with graphic novels is that, while fun to read, this format doesn’t allow for a lot of story details. The novel format goes much more deeply into the characters and plot. I do love the graphics for a change of pace and a taste of the story. It wet my appetite and I too would like to read the novel.

    • Harrison says:

      Hi Mrs.Fromowitz! Thanks for visiting my blog! I am glad you agree with me about graphic novels. Thank you for introducing me to Monte Cristo because I really enjoyed the story.

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