Heroes of the Valley

// December 30th, 2011 // Book Reviews

Title: Heroes of the Valley

Author: Jonathan Stroud



Halli Sveinsson is stumpy and swarthy, with a quick mind and an aptitude for getting in trouble. Bored with everyday chores and shepherding, he enjoys playing practical jokes. When he plays a trick on Ragnar of the House of Hakonsson, he sets in motion a chain of events that will forever alter his destiny. He is forced to leave home and go on a hero’s quest complete with highway robbers, terrifying monsters, and a girl who may be as fearless as he is. Along the way he will discover the truth about the legends, his family, and himself.

My Review:

I was at school in reading class. My teacher was recommending books for each person in class. She recommended this book to me because she knows I like this style of book. I asked her if she could lend it to me for the vacation. She said it was fine with her. Once I got home from school I started reading this book.

This book is about a boy named Halli Sviensson who has a nag for adventure. His uncle is killed by evil Olaf Hakonsson a few days after a great Gathering. Halli sets off to get revenge for his uncle. He meets Aud Ulfar’s daughter of Arne’s house. They don’t know that they will set a house in flames, defend a house from attack, kill the most powerful creatures in history and kill the founder of Halli’s house, the all-powerful Svien. This is the story of Halli Sviensson, hall burner, Trow tamer and great hero. Not one of your usual heroes but a unique, stubby, sort of guy.

I love this book because it is fantasy, and Halli is just like me. We both have a thirst for adventure, and we are both tiny. I just wish there was more of the book, because it was great and I wanted more. Like what happens after he kills Svien? Or what happens to the Hakonssons? Those questions I want someone to answer.

I rate this book 9 out of 10. I really liked it, but I wish there was more. I recommend this book to people who are 10 or older. It might be too complicated for younger kids because there were a lot of things happening at one time. This is the first book I’ve read by Jonathan Stroud, and I really enjoyed it. I am planning to read a series written by him called the Bartimaeus Trilogy because I loved this book so much. This book is really good, and I hope you like it.

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