Mythical Monsters

// November 24th, 2013 // Book Reviews

Title: Mythical Monsters

Author: Chris McNab


Discover the truth about the world’s most terrifying mythical creatures that have been scaring people for generations, from Beowolf’s Dragon to Frankenstein’s Monster and Bigfoot. This book features ancient legends and folklore, mythological monsters, movie monsters, and modern monsters. You’ll read about more than 40 creatures who will scare, thrill, and entertain you. The book includes stunning, colorful artwork, maps, and facts about the myth that created the monster.

My Book Review:

I bought this book at our school’s annual book fair. I had all of the other books in the collection, so I was excited to add this one to my library.

A lot of the monsters in this book were familiar to me from movies, other books, or just plain myths, like the hydra, the basilisk, and King Kong. Even though the book included the well known monsters, it was really descriptive and included a lot of information I did not even know about.

Along with the familiar creatures, there were the new creatures I did not know about. One of them was the Hopkinsville Goblin (which was originated from Cherokee folklore and have big, bulging eyes). It was educational, but not the type of educational that is boring, but the fun education of learning about monsters. Woo hoo!

A picture of the Hopkinsville Goblin from the book, which is also an example of an amazing illustration in the book.

Each monster was presented with the same format. There was a depiction of each monster’s appearance. It also included a small story featuring that monster, a location on Earth where it was from, an actual size of the monster, what the monster was capable of doing, and some fun facts. It also had very detailed illustrations of each monster in color, which I found amazing. I also found it really cool to see a lot of different monsters in one place.

This is not my typical book that I read (or review), but it is really enjoyable. I recommend it to all of you monster lovers out there. I think it would make a good holiday gift. But beware, because some stories in there might make you SCREAM! But they are just myths, right? Or are they… MWA HAHAHAHAHA!


NOTE: This book is published by Scholastic, and is difficult to find. You can find it on Amazon, or I am sure you can find it in your Scholastic Book Order.

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