Oggie Cooder

// August 3rd, 2011 // Book Reviews

Title: Oggie Cooder

Author: Sarah Weeks


Oggie Cooder has a talent. He chews and carves pieces of cheese into any shape he wants them to be. This is called charving.

Oggie doesn’t think his charving is anything special. In fact, most of the kids in his school think it’s a little weird. But then a big TV show comes to town, looking for people who have weird talents. Suddenly, Oggie is Mr. Popular…especially with Donnica Perfecto, the girl across the street who wants to be famous, no matter what.

Will Oggie be able to charve his way to the top? Is he ready to be a Big Cheese?

Get ready for a fun, hilarious story about a charving champion you’ll never forget.


My Review:

I needed to read Oggie Cooder for a summer reading assignment at school. I chose it from the two book that I could read for the project. Neither of the books were my type, but I thought this one would be more interesting.
I could not relate to Oggie’s character because the main theme of the book was Oggie standing up for himself. I never had to stand up for myself because no one has bullied or bossed me around. *except my parents, but they are my parents.

There are some parts of the book that I do like, and some not too much. Oggie got on a famous tv show by accident for carving/chewing cheese (He calls it charving.). I thought it was was funny that he didn’t even try on get on the show, but was trying to help his friend audition for the show.

This was not my favorite book. My average book rating for book I choose to read (And I read ALOT of books) is 8 or 9. This book was a 3. It’s not in a genre I enjoy ( fantasy, adventure, mystery), the plot was too short, and it’s focus was chewing cheese.

I would not recommend this book at all. The plot, the characters, the storytelling, the setting, none of them were interesting. I read a lot of books, and don’t know who this book was written for. It has none of the elements that would make me recommend a book.

I would recommend a biography, since it would be more interesting and have realistic

3 Responses to “Oggie Cooder”

  1. Randi Pellett says:

    Hi, Harrison – I love your blog! You have very strong opinions and ideas about what you like and don’t like! I liked Oggie — I thought it was a good example of how to stand up for what you really want and that you should believe in yourself even if it means you’re different from others. I totally sympathize with how annoying it is to have to read a book that’s not your type — did you know your teachers all have a summer book to read, too?
    Thanks for your recommendations 🙂

  2. Harrison says:

    Dear Mrs. Pellett,
    Thank you for reading my review! I didn’t know that teachers have summer reading, too!

  3. oliver says:

    I’m going to read it now after reading ypur review! it sounds like a funny book.

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