Seven Daughters and Seven Sons

// April 24th, 2014 // Book Reviews

Title: Seven Daughters and Seven Sons

Author: Barbara Cohen


In an ancient Arab nation, one woman dares to be different. Buran cannot — Buran will not-sit quietly at home and wait to be married to the man her father chooses. Determined to use her skills and earn a fortune, she instead disguises herself as a boy and travels by camel caravan to a distant city. There, she maintains her masculine disguise and establishes a successful business. The city’s crown prince comes often to her shop, and soon Buran finds herself falling in love. But if she reveals to Mahmud that she is a woman, she will lose everything she has worked for.

A retelling of a traditional Arabic tale in which a young woman disguises herself as a man and opens up a shop in a distant city in order to help her impoverished family.

My Book Review:

Seven Daughters and Seven Sons is about a girl named Buran. It takes place during the Middle Ages, in Iraq. Buran is the daughter of a man who has… seven daughters! Her uncle is a cruel, wealthy merchant who has… seven sons! Buran dresses up as a man to set up shop and become wealthy, but she falls in love with another man! Will she give up her secret? Or will she ignore her desire for a man none other than the Prince of Tyre?

This book reminded me a lot of Mulan. A girl dresses up as a man to accomplish things a woman can’t because of the society she lives in. She does this because of her father, who is extremely poor. She falls in love, but can’t give away her identity. So, I recommend it to people who like Mulan.

This book was not only amazingly well written, but also very interesting. It taught me about what Feudal Iraq was like. Transportation, food, I learned about all of it! I learned about how girls were treated in Feudal Iraq, as well. I wanted the pages to turn, and I wanted to continue reading. I rate it 10 out of 10.

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