The Medusa Plot (The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers Series #1)

// September 30th, 2011 // Book Reviews

Title: The Medusa Plot

Author: Gordan Korman


Are you ready to save the world? The bestselling series returns with an adventure spanning 6 explosive books, 2 secret-filled card packs, and a website that places readers right in the action.

Thirteen-year-old Dan Cahill and his older sister, Amy, thought they belonged to the world’s most powerful family. They thought the hunt for 39 Clues leading to the source of that power was over. They even thought they’d won. But Amy and Dan were wrong.

One by one, distress calls start coming in from around the globe. Cahills are being kidnapped by a shadowy group known only as the Vespers. Now Amy and Dan have only days to fulfill a bizarre ransom request or their captured friends will start dying. Amy and Dan don’t know what the Vespers want or how to stop them. Only one thing is clear. The Vespers are playing to win, and if they get their hands on the Clues . . . the world will be their next hostage.

My Review:

I started this series a few years ago and was excited when the next book came out, The Medusa Plot. There are a few things that are unique about the series. One is that each book is written by a different author. This one is written by Gordon Korman. I had the pleasure of meeting him at a 39 Clues book signing! He was very nice. I also met the other authors. The other authors I met that day were Rick Riordan, Jude Watson and Patrick Carman.

Another unique thing is that it has an online website which allows you to do missions relating to the book! So if you like to play online games and you like spies and poison which shows up on every single page you turn, you are sure to like this book!

I like this book because it has everything I can ask for: action, explosions, having to steal artwork from one of the most heavily guarded museums on earth, all things that I like! If you didn’t understand, I really liked this book! My favorite part was when they broke into the museum to steal “The Medusa” and they find out it was a fake.

I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series, called A King’s Ransom. It will be written by Jude Watson. I hope it will answer some questions from the last book, like will the hostages get out of the Vesper’s prison?

Sometime soon I think you should read this book because you know how much I like it. I hope you enjoy reading the Medusa Plot.

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