The Serpent’s Shadow (Kane Chronicles Series #3)

// July 4th, 2012 // Book Reviews

Title: The Serpent’s Shadow

Author: Rick Riordan


             He’s b-a-a-ack! Despite their best efforts, Carter and Sadie Kane can’t seem to keep Apophis, the chaos snake, down. Now Apophis is threatening to plunge the world into eternal darkness, and the Kanes are faced with the impossible task of having to destroy him once and for all. Unfortunately, the magicians of the House of Life are on the brink of civil war, the gods are divided, and the young initiates of Brooklyn House stand almost alone against the forces of chaos. The Kanes’ only hope is an ancient spell that might turn the serpent’s own shadow into a weapon, but the magic has been lost for a millennia. To find the answer they need, the Kanes must rely on the murderous ghost of a powerful magician who might be able to lead them to the serpent’s shadow . . . or might lead them to their deaths in the depths of the underworld.

             Nothing less than the mortal world is at stake when the Kane family fulfills its destiny in this thrilling conclusion to the Kane Chronicles.

My Review:

I really liked the first two books of the Kane Chronicles series, so I
was excited about the conclusion, The Serpent’s Shadow. This series
was written by one of my favorite authors, Rick Riordan. He has
written a lot of my favorite books like The Lightning Thief, The Lost
Hero, and The Maze of Bones, so I was sure I would like this book too.
And as I predicted, I did.
This book was fantastic. Mostly because it was funny. Rick made the
book a recording by  the two main characters. Some of the chapters
were recorded by Sadie (one of the main characters), and the others
recorded by Carter (the other main character), and sometimes, there
would be an insult or a pinch to the other person in the middle of a
paragraph when they were making fun of each other. That would make me
laugh out loud. Sadie got confused how Walt and Anubis (the two people
she liked) became one person, which was also really funny. But the
funniest thing of all was how Ra, the all powerful king of the gods,
became crazy and started saying “Hallo! We’ve got cookies!”. Some
things were really cool in the book too. Sadie and Carter’s dad is the
god of the dead (awesome), they used hieroglyphs and necklaces like
bombs (awesome), and a girl named Zia went out of her mind and started
throwing fireballs in the nursing home for gods (also awesome). I also
liked how it all was based on Egyptian mythology because I LOVE
I rate this book 10 out of 10. This was probably one of the best of
Rick Riordan’s works. Here’s a picture of me and Rick Riordan. To me,
that day was a dream come true!

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